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Your face-washing routing will never be the same.

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(Lyrics) Goodbye coat, goodbye shoes
Strike up that oil diffuser
I can't wait to wash my...

Goodbye pants, Hello robe
Bobby pins, you've done your jobe, job!
I can't wait, ahh, wait, yes

Free me from this daily grease
Makeup, oil, impurities
It's time to cleanse, exfoliate and glow

Hey. Eww. Is this your bobby pin?

I can't wait to wash my face
And feel that embrace of cleansing power
As it gently exfoliates
Oh, I can't wait to wash my face
I can't wait to wash my face
Oh, I can't wait

Can you guys take your shoes off?
Towel grab, mirror wink
Hello to my favorite sink
I can't wait to wash my...

Scrunchie bun, water splash
All you need is just a dash
Olay Daily Facial
You make me feel so clean
Hydrating glow
5-in-1 cleansing
Just one cloth to save my skin
Feel the clean (clean)
See the glow (glow)
Let hydration really show
There she is, that girl I know

Someone's in here
Can you hurry? I have to go...
Someone's in here

I feel so great, I washed my face
Let's celebrate, I washed my face
Now all I need is pizza and a show about baking cakes
I feel so great
(Great, she washed her face!)
I love my face
(I can't wait to wash my face)
Once again, my love, you saved the day
(She washed her face and used Olay)
(She washed her face and used O-O-O-O-O-Olay)
Ahh, clean!

Written Text

Can't Wait To Wash My Face
Presented by Olay
The Musical

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