Madden 19 – Make Your Play ft. Nicki Minaj, Quavo, Chris Redd, Lil Dicky, Will

Learn the true story of Will, Madden NFL 19, and the Greatest Play Call Ever. Join Chris Redd, Lil Dicky, and Nicki Minaj as they recall Will making his play on the way to gridiron greatness. Will you Make Your Play on August 10th?

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So, did you hear about Will being this crazy Madden legend or something?
Did I hear? Man, I was there.
Every detail, pour it on me right now.
I will. Strap up. So the game was tense, all right, 7 seconds left. 7 Yard line, down 3, 4th and 3, who has no time outs left. The only option he has, field goal, tie it up. So Will brings out his field goal, right, like anybody would do, 99% of the time.
I would've brought out the no back package.
Wait, you play Madden?
Sure do.
Can I have your gamer tag?
It's China_TheQueenAlbum_MindYourBusiness_and dadadadada.
Thank you, Nikki. So the opponent was like, no, timeout. You know, trying to ice the kicker, right?
So cold.
So Will says to himself, let's go. I got this. Will eyes the coach. Decides to take a shot. Oh, and by the way, Will Packers in the tight end.
Actually, it was a blocking tight end with no career touchdowns.
Touch. Down. Will starts going crazy. Yelling like, boom! That's the greatest call ever!
So starts getting mad trash, right? He's like, your coverage this, don't fan base that. You ain't nothing. Insult, insult, insult! He starts doing these crazy dances. I was in the back. Hey!
Then I heard Will's phone fell out of his pocket and dialed a random number.
Then I go, woo! You ain't nothing!
Dialed Quavo's phone, man.
Quevo Robinson?
Not Quevo Robinson! Quavo, Quavo. The one with no last name and two friends.
Quavo was like...
Will's trash talk was so crazy, had to promo the song.
I'm a legend like Will. I'm real like Will.
Suddenly, Will was everywhere.
I'm a legend like Will.
Will and his play call became the stuff of legend. Influencers were all like, this Call Like Will, lit. Peace signs, hashtags.
I heard that the song was playing on the radio , knocked his aunt out of a coma, and she was like, I'm proud of you, William.
And that's when things got even crazier for Will.
Will's play call is so fire that we've given him his own hot sauce. It's called Fourth and Hot.
Oh my God, this is too good. Go 'head.
I even heard that Will's call even inspired a 30 for 30.
What if I told you the greatest play call ever was not by Bill, but by Will.
Some fans made a Will chain, gifted it to DeAndre Hopkins, and he was like, I cannot accept this. But I Will.
There was even that one episode where Patrick was trying to find out Will's play call, he was all like, tell me which play call, SpongeBob!
Katie Nolan's even reporting that Will is being considered for Offensive Coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys off of this genius play call.
Hey, Dickie! I didn't report that.
But the rest of it's true, right?
Yeah, it's true, right?
Yes, of course.
I'm tellin' you!
It's true.
100% true story!
Why would I lie?
Yeah it's true!
Heck of a play call.
Heck of a play call.
To Will.
To Will!
Football fans, the sleep again. They sleep, we wake 'em up. Wake up, the chapter's in. It's in the game.
Rated 'E' for Everyone.

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Madden NFL Presents
The Greatest Play Call Ever
Make Your Play
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