The new Microsoft Surface Go and the Salmon Sisters

It’s small. It’s light. It’s ready to do big things. The new 10” Surface Go. With full Office 365, a wireless mouse, and a responsive pen, the Salmon Sisters can bring their biggest ideas to life with the smallest Surface ever. And when they aren’t working, they can listen to music or binge their favorite shows all on board their tiny boat. Portable, powerful and starts at $399.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I'm Emma.
I'm Claire.
And we're the Salmon Sisters.
We run our business from the boat. It's a really small space.
This new Surface Go is the perfect size.
I love having something that I can hold in my hand.
We're proud of this way of life. We're proud of the work we're doing.

(Lyrics) Go baby, go baby
Oh, we're right behind you
Go baby, go baby
Yeah, we're looking at you

Go baby, go go

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Introducing Surface Go

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