Intermarché I Je t'aime trop

This advert features a young girl who is too short to reach the cabinet with snacks and cookies. She sees a boy at school eating soup and he is tall, so she decides that's what she needs to do to reach the cookies.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Please honey, just a sip.
I hate it.
Just taste it.
She doesn't want to. Leave her alone.
Don't you have anything better to say?
I hate soup.

I ate it all.
He hasn't even eaten a single spoon of his soup.

Written Text

A chacun sa taison de mieux manager - everyone has a reason to eat better
Avec la nouvelle carte de fidelite Intermache, mieux vous mangez, plus vous etes recompenses - with the new Interarche loyalty card, the better you eat, the more you get rewarded
Sur ce que vous voulez - on whatever you fancy

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