Just DO it: Ezra Frech

My name is Ezra Frech, I’m thirteen years-old, and my crazy dream is to win all gold and break world records in Los Angeles in 2028. When it comes to sports, I don’t feel like a kid with disabilities. Almost everywhere I go, people stare, but not when I’m playing sports. When I step on the track or court it all melts away. It’s important for everyone to feel the experience of being active, to focus on other things in your life, and zone out in the game you love.

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I'm Ezra Frech, I'm 13 years old and I play track and field. My crazy dream is to win all golds and break world records in Los Angeles in 2028. When I'm playing sports, I don't feel like a kid with a disability. At the mall, the store, people are staring, they're pointing fingers, they're whispering, underestimating me. I get to the track, I get to the court, all that melts away. I'm just an athlete. My inspiration is just my parents. They've done so much for me and so much for our family. Sometimes in mid training, I'm just, I'm dying, I mean, I'm tired. And I think about me standing on that podium. That's what drives me. I've always just thought of, that I'm not good enough as an able bodied person. I just have to realize that that's life. I'm always going to be underestimated, that's just gonna make me work harder, you know, to prove them wrong. You know, I can do something. My disability isn't holding me back. Just do it.

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Just do it.

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