Snickers Rap Battle - 60 Second Ad

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...cross your mind while you're scrambling for air time.The day you lost the battle was the day you lost your hairline. Ain't just gonna break you dog, I'll break your ? Class is dismissed take this dish in the park.
Oh! Give it up for my man, Grizzle. Up next we got my boy, Boogie. Give it up for Boogie. Let's go!
Don't go breaking my heart.I couldn't if I...
Whoa, whoa. Wait right there.
Here. Eat a Snickers. You always lose your edge when you're hungry. Better?
Better. Yo, I said gimme the track, I'm fixin'a snap, no timid, I ain't that. Since your memory got snatched, you forgot that you can't rap. You need to get some money.
You're not you when you're hungry. Snickers.

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