Ricardo Montalban - 1975 Chrysler Cordoba Commercial

Ricardo Montalban - Chrysler Cordoba Commercial

Nov. 25, 1920 - Jan 15, 2009 RIP This is the commercial where most of us mistakenly thought Ricardo said "Rich Corinthian Leather" when he actually said "Soft Corinthian Leather". It was a marketing term invented by Chrysler to help sell cars and who can forget it? The commercial, itself was very well conceived. If you listen, through the distorted audio, you hear Spanish guitar and orchestra playing along with Ricardo's wonderfully accented sales pitch. When you bought this car, you weren't just buying a car! You were buying the luxury to be swallowed in seats upholstered with "Soft Corinthian Leather"... You were buying a Cor-doa-bah! Disclaimer: It has been recently pointed out that that car in this commercial is really a 1976 and the seats are cloth, not Corinthian leather. So much for continuity.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I know my own needs, and what I need from an automobile, I know I get from this new Cordoba. I could ask for nothing beyond the quality of Cordoba's workmanship. The tastefulness of it's ???. I request nothing beyond the thickly crucial luxury of seats available even in soft Corinthian leather. Yet it is on the highway where Cordoba best answers my demands. I have much more in this small Chrysler than great comfort at a most pleasant price. I have great confidence for which there can be no price. In Cordoba, I have what I need.

Written Text

Soft Corinthian leather
Cordoba the small Chrysler

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