Dietz & Watson / It's A Family Thing / Game Night

Actress Brooklyn Decker and tennis great, Andy Roddick, real-life husband and wife, share their family thing for Dietz & Watson.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I love game night! Do you think they'll bring them all with the settlers?
They cancelled. They couldn't get a sitter.
How are you not getting this?! Any guesses?
A llama in a buggy.
Steady. Steady!
A sea urchin.
Yes. Bam! I hereby conquer Australia.
It's about time.
An alligator in a tea cup.
Oh my gosh.
I made you a sandwich.
I'll pay you in spandex.
It's not a fire-breathing duck. I don't know what looks like a duck on this page.
Steady. Steady!
Aw! I'm sorry.
I mean, I won. Don't apologize.
Ooh! 40-love, what's up?!
It's 'cause we're playing on carpet.
They got a sitter. They're on their way.
I'll clean.
I'll get more food.
Dietz & Watson. It's a family thing.

Written Text

Dietz & Watson
It's a family thing.

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