Dietz & Watson / It's A Family Thing / The Hama Lisa

Actress Brooklyn Decker and tennis great, Andy Roddick, real-life husband and wife, share their family thing for Dietz & Watson.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Andy! Andy, Andy, Andy, Andy, Andy!
Brooklyn, what?
Look what I made.
It''s a sandwich.
It's the perfect sandwich. It's the ultimate combination of Dietz & Watson maple honey ham, Harissa chicken and Provolone cheese! It's the Mona Lisa of sandwiches. It's the Hama Lisa. We need to get this photographed - professionally. Who do we know? Do we know anyone? Let me see.
Your Hama Lisa needs mustard.
Dietz & Watson. It's a family thing.

Written Text

Dietz & Watson
It's a family thing.

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