Nurses Change Lives

Throughout history, nurses have brought innovation to patient care that has profoundly changed human health. And since 1897, Johnson & Johnson has been proud to support nurses through employment, platforms, partnerships, training and millions in scholarships and grants. Because nurses change lives. And that changes everything.

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During the Crimean War, more soldiers died from infection than in battle. Until a nurse introduced sanitary practices still in use today.
In the 1950s, jaundice was a leading cause of infant death. Until a nurse found that a few hours of sunlight could actually cure the condition.
At the dawn of the AIDS epidemic, no one knew how the disease spread. So patients were kept quarantined and alone. Until nurses defied convention and embraced them with compassion.
And Cerebral Palsy robbed many patients of their ability to speak, until a nurse gave them back their voices.
And I will always be grateful to her.

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To Those Changing Human Health
Johnson & Johnson
Crimea, 1854
Nurse Florence Nightingale
England, 1950
Nurse Jean Ward
United States, 1983
Nurse Rebecca Koszalinski
Nurses change lives.
And that changes everything.
Johnson & Johnson
Supporting Nurses Since 1897

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