Family Vacation: T-Mobile Has You Covered

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In June, Jessica sent 22 texts before the big vacation trying to find a swim instructor to help Manny overcome his fear. They researched every type of magical creature they would meet. The turtle was the baby's favorite. Their GPS took them to beaches, caves, and adventures that were right out of a storybook. There were 13 cheer-up calls to grandma because Manny was so sad about not being able to swim with his family. Overall, they shared 176 pictures and videos with friends and family, but when all was said and done, they held their breath and watched the moment their son learned to believe in himself.

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T-Mobile has you covered

Hi! Looking for a swim teacher in the area
Great, my rate is $50 an hour
Wonderful! Have you worked with 3 yr olds?
Yes! I've taught all ages.

Recent calls - Mom, Mom (work), Travel plaza, St. Louis, Mo, Garrett Cell

Your trip looks amazing!
You guys look so happy.
Love those smiles.
Looks like and album cover

Where the road takes you, T-Mobile has you covered
Are you with us?

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