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In June, Nick's mom made 13 calls to the T-ball league hoping to help her shy son make new friends. There was a group text from the coach asking parents to please monitor their kid's sugar intake before games. Nick's dad watched countless videos to try and help his son perfect his swing. There were 11 texts after the second game when a new friend invited Nick over for a play date. His parents shared over 100 videos of highlights, smooth dance movies, and the time Jimmy Carlyle stole 3rd... almost. But when the final out was made, the score didn't matter. They put their phones away to watch their son who finally felt part of the team.

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T-Mobile has you covered

Recent calls - Sarasota Little League, Sarasota, FL, Bob, Mom & Dad

Tell that to ... she lets Billy eat whatever he wants
Hi all! Excited for this week's game!
I'll let Mary know, thanks Coash! Any update on parent jerseys?
We definitely need parent jerseys.
Gonna throw around the ol' ball at Costello Field tonight if anyone wants to join.

Hi Megan! Charlie was hoping Nick could come over this weekend.
Of course! Thank you for the invote. Maybe Saturday after the game?
That works. We're taking the boys to the arcade. Nick should join us.
Championships, here we come!
We'd love to have Nick for Dinner tomorrow.
It's been so nice to meet all of you.
Coach, you're the BEST
What a season!
Feels like the season just started...

Home or away, T-Mobile has you covered
Are you with us?

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