Meet the Google Pixel 3

Meet the Google Pixel 3. Capture the perfect shot every time, get things done with the Google Assistant, enjoy an all-day battery and more.

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I got a whole crew of people
I got all of them fans
And whenever we're together
Got the world in my hand
Said the future's looking bright
I got my feet in the sand
I say hey, I'm all about it
Taking that chance
I got my eye on all the prizes
Got my threads on
They be stylin' and you'll pick up what I'm vibin'
Don't hold it back, don't fight it
Say hey, we just want to play
Don't care what they say
We do it our way
I'm the real thing
I'm the real thing
Do you feel me?
I'm the real thing
okay, okay, ok ok
Yeah, I'm feeling like a feeling

Written Text

Google Pixel 3
The camera that helps you take your best pictures
Groupo Selfie Cam keeps everyone in frame
Top Shot helps you pick the best photo
Unlimited online photo storage
Google Assistant built in
Hey Google
How can I help you?
Find restaurants near me
Add eggs to my shopping list
Take me to the nearest
Remind me to check cinema times
Show me my shopping list
Take me to the nearest coffee shop
When is my next meeting
Pizza near me
Show me my reminders
Text Dad
Send a text
Reminder to call Mum tomorrow
Remind me to check movie
Show my my notes
Engineered to keep your private life private
Fingerprints, Passwords, Bank Info, Taco Recipes, Private
Fast wireless charging for a full day of answers, fitness, tickets, mapping, messaging, suchi-ing
On a single charge
G Google

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