Would you rather run the numbers or run the show? - CMA commercial

There’s a lot of talk about robots taking the jobs of accountants. They’re certainly faster at crunching numbers. But who’s going to turn their information into insights? The answer is - Certified Management Accountants. Because CMAs can do things robots can’t. And they have the credential to prove it.

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You want to know why Certified Management Accountants work so well with robots? It's not just because of that team building retreat.

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It's because they can crunch numbers faster than any human being could, which means I can set strategy and make decisions faster than I ever could. Now we work together like hand in glove.
Except hand has an office and glove doesn't.
Yeah, well hand has a CMA and glove doesn't. So...
The CMA certification. You've got to earn it.

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You've got to earn it.

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