Metro by T-Mobile "Bears"

This ad features talking grizzly bears catching fish in a river. They are discussing

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey, hear about the new plans by Metro from T-Mobile?
I'm so hungry.
Now they include Google One and Amazon Prime.
Well that is new.
Yep, I'm thinking about switching.
That's smart.
Yeah. I'm also thinking about hitting up that, uh, sushi joint.
I'm in.

Get Amazon Prime and Google One included for only $40 per line for three lines all on the T-Mobile network. Metro by T-Mobile - that's genius.

Written Text

Amazon Prime - Watch. Listen. Shop.
Google One - Storage. Member Benefits. And more.
Only $40/line for 3 lines
T-Mobile Network
Metro by T-Mobile
That's genius!

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