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Discover the Must-Haves that make Christmas


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What makes Christmas, Christmas? Must-have lights. Must-have music. Must-have party. After party. After party. Must-have sleep. Must-have in-laws to impress. Must-have fancy little knickers and seriously comfy pants. Must-have a bit of Bridget. Must-have seething gift envy.
Buy maybe all you really need is a little bit of magic. And a whole lot of sparkle.
Love that coat.

(Lyrics) All by myself

(Lyrics) Give a little love
Give a little love

Written Text

What Makes Christmas, Christmas?
Must-Have Lights
A Christmas Must-Have
Must-Have Party
After Party
After Party
Must-Have Sleep
Must-Have In-Laws To Impress
Must-Have Fancy Little Knickers
Must-Have Seriously Comfy Pants
Bridget Jones's Diary
Must-Have Bridget
Must-Have Seething Gift Envy
Must-Have Magic
Must-Have Sparkle
For The Must Haves That Make Christmas
Love That Coat

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