Arm Wrestling and Basketball Champion - GEICO

This Armsketball champion makes arm wrestling while shooting hoops look easy. That's a win-win. Subscribe to GEICO:

COMMERCIAL CAST: Hero Woman – Mary Scheer Hero Arm Wrestler – Cazzey Cereghino Spectator – Takato Yonemoto Arm Wrestler – Mike Beltran Arcade Teen 1 – Oliver Carter Arcade Teen 2 – Max Amor Referee – Ric Sarabia AVO – Andrew Anthony

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When i was shopping for car insurance, the choice is easy. I switched to Geico and saved hundreds. Excuse me.
That's a win, but it's not the only reason I switched. Hi! Geico has licensed agents who I can reach 24/7. Great savings and around the clock service? Now that's a win-win.
Winner. Winner.
Yeah, me. Oh, hi. Good luck.

Switch to Geico. It's a win-win.

Written Text

Out slam
It's a win-win

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