The Gecko Sells an Apartment - GEICO

A potential renter finds the perfect apartment but quickly realizes why it's still vacant. Subscribe to GEICO:

COMMERCIAL CAST: GECKO – Jake Wood Real Estate Agent – Cyd Strittmatter Friend – Monica Padman Wall Voice 1 (Pete) – Adam Herschman Wall Voice 2 (Craig) – Adam Sauter

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This is actually under your budget.
Yeah, and when you move in, Geico can help you save on renter's insurance.
Yep, Geico helped me with renter's insurance too.
Um, walls seem a bit thin.
They are, and Craig practices the accordion every night.
From the guy who sings karaoke by himself.
I'm a very shy singer.
You're tone deaf.
Uh, should we move on to next one?
It's a great building. You'll love it here.
We have mixers every Thursday.

Geico, it's easy to switch and save on homeowners and renters insurance.

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