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WATCH full programmes on BBC iPlayer When Mary suffers a devastating stroke and develops dementia, Jenny finds herself torn between her own life and the wellbeing of her mother. She soon discovers that another way could be possible - but she’ll have to fight for it. Care | BBC

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Mary Taylor had an acute stroke.
Are you okay?
I won't be in for a while, I'm afraid. My mum is sick and I need someone to sort the kids out.
My mother is walking around the city in a dressing gown and nightie.
They seem to think she's seriously ill. You seem to think she's fine. Why is it different?
This is an assessment ward, Claire. We're not staffed for rehabilitation.
My mother deserves a place that meets her needs.
We're not trying to put you under any pressure whatsoever, but we could do with that bed.
Mom, come on.

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Mama, come here
Come home to me

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