Hanukkah 2018: We got this…?

When you crush it too hard on the first night of gifts, where do you go from there? Small sensible gifts for the other seven nights? Ha! Shop big, or don’t shop at all. There’s no such thing as a “meh” gift with us. Be the best gift giver you can be. You got this.

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OK, we've got the big ticket items for tonight and plenty of lesser items for the other seven nights.
Hanukkah 2018. We got this.
Wow! Thanks so much!
If this is the first night, I can't wait to see what's coming next!
I know we're supposed to give them these snowglobes tonight.
But we crushed it too hard the first night, I know.
Maybe we just go to Walmart and get 'em some more cool toys?
Yes! Barbie's Dream House!
Wow! A scooter!
Josh, look! This thing has a pool and...
We're the best parents in the world.
OK, OK. What if, instead of toys, we just let the oldest one drive the car around the block?
He's 11!
We have to keep topping ourselves, honey!
We are pitching a no-hitter, here! You can not lose focus!
Buy more toys.
Did you hear that?
This is it.
We love them!

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