Uber Launches Ubertoys in Paris to Awaken Your Inner Child

Because the best way to enjoy Christmas magic is through a child’s eyes, Uber has launched UberToys, a unique experience free of charge in Paris that takes you back to your childhood in a flash. It begins on Tuesday 11 December and ends on Thursday 13 December, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm each day.

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These kids, well they grow up so fast
Will there innocencs still be here when I get back
The apple trees are in full bloom
And their toys, they fill up every room
But it's you I never want you to change
I want your loving eyes
To always see me this way
So I'll take on this road alone
Will you still be there when I get home
Will you write to me my one true love
Will you promise me you'll never give up
Yeah, I'll promise you I'll never give up

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In December, get a ride in one of six UberToys.
UberX, UberToys, Van
Commander UberToys

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