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Someone taught you how to work hard. Maybe it was a parent or grandparent? A tough teacher or coach? Maybe it was the person who took you under their wing when you just beginning to cut your teeth? Whoever it was, someone spent the time to teach you how to work hard. Now we’re taking a moment to say thank you. Recognizing every teacher – past and present – for their commitment to showing the next generation how it’s done.

With that spirit in mind, we created the Carhartt for Workers program to partner with the best organizations dedicated to teaching and training the future workforce. Because someone taught you how to work hard. It’s time we return the favor. Subscribe to our channel: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Check us out at:

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What do you say to the person who gave you a work ethic?
What do you tell the person who taught you to love what you do?
To those who taught us the spirit of hard work
Thank you

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