Tiffany & Co.— Believe In Dreams: A Tiffany Holiday (2018)

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Dream big. A whole new world is here right in time for the holidays. Discover a world where joy and wonder come out of the blue. Join us as Tiffany makes the perfect holiday—you never know who you’ll run into. #ATiffanyHoliday #BelieveInDreams

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(Lyrics) Every time when I look in the mirror
The past is gone
All the things come back to you

Sing with me, sing for the year
Sing for the laughter and sing for the tear
Sing it with me if it's just for today
Maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away

Dream on, dream on, dream on, dream on
Dream on, dream on, dream on

Written Text

Tiffany & Co.
Believe In Dreams

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