"Jeff and His Forest Friends: Bigger Patties" by Jeff

Jeff and his forest friends are back to tell you about Johnsonville’s 15 percent–bigger breakfast patties. Learn more at

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hi, I'm Jeff. In my Johnsonville commercial, we open up in the forest. I'm out in the wild, eatin' my breakfast, when all of a sudden, a raccoon come up and asks me, "Are those bigger patties?". I said, "Yep". Wolf comes in, says "Wow. That's a lot of sausage." And we had a good laugh about that.
Johnsonville breakfast sausage has 15% larger patties. Fits on a biscuit.

Written Text

At Johnsonville, our people are responsible for everything.
Even the commercials.
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