Massage Chairs Reduce Home Buying Stress - GEICO Insurance

A family purchases unusually high powered massage chairs to reduce the stress of buying their new house. Subscribe to GEICO:

COMMERCIAL CAST: Dad – Calvin Tenner Mom – Tuharah Karter Grandma – Marilyn Harris Son – Keith Williams

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Well, how are the massage chairs working out for everyone?
I don't know. I'm still a little stressed about buying our new house.
Well, it's a good thing we don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. Geico can help with that.
We can get homeowners insurance help from Geico.
Well, sure, and they can save us a bunch too.
Mmm hmm.
I'm starting to feel better already.

Get to know Geico and see how much you can save on homeowners and condo insurance.

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