GoPro Awards: Million Dollar Challenge Highlight | HERO7 Black

25,000 submissions. $1,000,000 on the line.

In September, we tasked YOU to film our #GoProHERO7 Black Highlight Video. Since then, you've shown us the world through your lenses - harnessing the power of freedom with adventure, creativity, bravery, laughter, and awe. You've encapsulated what it means to be a part of the GoPro Family. Each creator featured in this #GoProMillionDollarChallenge will earn an equal share of the cash. Get the full story on The Inside Line: Please join us in congratulating all the awardees listed below: Andrés Aguilera Morillas Artur Vinokurov Arturs Šlosbergs Austin keen Brandon "Hank" Henrie Brinkley Davies Brodie Pawson Cedric Bornarel Chase Reinford Chris Rogers Connie Burgdorff Daniele Fiaschi David Freiheit David Hunt Douglas Verne Francesco Perticaroli Gian Schachenmann Gionata Livorti Greg Ritz Gonzalo Gonzalez De Vega Igor Lage Jade Lorier Jan Verhaeren Jian Gong (箭 龚) João Serafim Johannes Steffen Johnny Lo Johnny Schaer Kazuki Kiyosawa Keoni Yan Kit Griffiths Kyle Wicks Marc Bhtld Mark de Fraine Mike Brewer Mischa Gelb Mitch Bergsma Nicholas Schaly Nicolas Aubert Nicolas Thiou Nina Anhaia Mello Peter Brown Ryan Bolohan Savage Sac Sehjong Lim Serkan Senalp Slater Trout Steve Shannon Steven Donovan Sze Chi Lee Taiyo Masuda Teigan Nash Tyler Higham Victor De Valles Wangenliang Yoshiaki Muramatsu

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'Kay, here goes nothing!
Let's do this!
Her name is...the baby the chicken.

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