Samsung's Belief "Do What You Can't"

At Samsung we create human driven technologies and initiatives that help people overcome barriers so they can progress and reach their personal goals. Whatever your barriers are, Samsung will help you defy them so you can do what you can’t. What can Samsung help you defy? #dowhatyoucant

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(Lyrics) Yo, run around with a renegade
You should take a seat, save your energy
I try to heal a gash with a band aid
And the time I need you call your enemies
I landed in Ibiza and I need a visa
I ain't playin' with you this no Mamma Mia
Need a Hottie Tottie with a body, yeah
I just spit the knowledge then I'm out of here

Yeah!) That's what they yell when we come around
(Yeah!) This is your town and we run it now
(Yeah!) How big is your army, a hundred thou?
Yeah!) If you want the rain then we comin' down

Watch me
Watch me
Watch me, do this

You see me dancing like I'm Elvis
Just tell your man that it's all in the pelvis

Watch me
Watch me
Watch me, do this

How big is your army
A hundred thou?
If you want the rain them we comin' down

Written Text

Defy Convention
Defy Poverty
Defy Disability
Defy Norms
Defy Fear
Defy Destruction
Defy Labels
Defy Ignorance
Defy Prejudice
Defy Illiteracy
Defy Preconceptions
Defy Judgements
Defy Bias
Defy Geography
Defy Hate
Defy Exclusion
When the world puts barriers in your way
We'll help you defy them

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