Bud Light - Arrows

We put an ingredients label on our packaging. It seemed safer than arrows.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Bud Light Knight: What are you doing?
Male Archer: Well, the King believes people should know what ingredients are in their beer.
Female Archer: He ordered us to tell everybody.
Bud Light Knight: Yeah, but did he order you to shoot arrows blindly into the kingdom?
Male Archer: Well, he didn't say not to.
Bud Light Knight: Wouldn't it be easier just to put the ingredients label on the packaging?
All: Yeah.
Bud Light Knight: Just a thought.
Male Archer: Well, we already put them on all these arrows.
Female Archer: We'll do it on the next batch.
Bud Light Knight: Alright. You know you'll get more distance if you widen your stance.
Man: Look at that. An ingredients label.

Announcer: Introducing our new ingredients label. Coming in February.

Written Text

Bud Light
Ingredients, Serving Facts

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