2019 Audi Certified pre-owned Campaign: "Always Behind You"

Confidence in the journey ahead starts with the right ones behind you. Audi Certified pre-owned vehicles are engineered, certified and backed by Audi. So, you too can be confident in the road ahead. Learn more at

A woman trains and competes as a cyclist as her dad supports her behind the scenes - as well as being literally behind her in his Audi while she rides.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

With the right ones behind you, you can be confident in the road ahead. Audi certified pre-owned. Vehicles proven at the highest Audi standards found exclusively at your Audi dealer. Pure confidence, pure assurance, pure Audi.

Written Text

Pure Confidence.
Pure Assurance.
Pure Audi
Audi Certified Pre-Owned

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