This ad features several NFL characters as bobbleheads taking a road trip.

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Hey guys, if we can just take a teeny, tiny 50-mile detour we can see the largest rocking chair in the state.
Why would we do that? We're not doing that.
Fine. It's actually only the third largest anyway, but just 70 miles off the highway, there's a Renaissance fair.
Dude, no.
I didn't even get to tell you the best part.
It's a Renaissance fair, Joe. There's no best part.
We got a game in an hour, man.
Fine. But if we just go a hundred miles off the highway, you... okay, okay. Well how about instead, I just show you the world's smallest bottle of Pepsi right here in my tiny hand.
Whoa, that's so cool. It's so tiny.
Wish I had one of those.
Best road trip ever.

Written Text

The Road to Game Day featuring Joe Stayley, Devonta Freeman, Dak Prescott, Chris Harris Jr.
NFL - Official Soft Drink of the National Football League
I Love Pepsi
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The Road to Game Day

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