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The car ride gets heated when Jalen Ramsey starts Twitter roasting Kyle Rudolph, Chris Hogan, and Delanie Walker. Are they gonna let him get away with it? Find out on our next episode on The Road To Game Day.

NFL stars as bobbleheads on a road trip.

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Hey, you guys want to know what people are saying about you on social media?
Not really, bro. Thanks though.
Cool. Imma read 'em anyway. Ricky says, "Hey Kyle Rudolph, you should be more like Jalen Ramsey. He's so talented and good looking"...
Really? A random fan on social media wrote that?
Yep, and Teddy say, "Whenever Chris Hogan's in the back seat of a long road trip, he should be more considerate where he puts his elbows."
These feel weirdly specific.
The fans have strong opinions. Y'all know this. This last one's for you Delaney. Mickey writes, "Delanie Walker drives so slow that"...
Hey, guy. I found a post about you. If you keep making fun of the guy that's driving you to the game, you're probably gonna end up walking to the game.
Ha ha. You wouldn't do that to me.
Looking good, Jalen.
Guys, come back.
Enjoy that walk. Maybe that random fan on social media will drive you.
Guys, I was just joking.

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The Road to Game Day featuring Kyle Rudolph, Delanie Walker, Chris Hogan, Jalen Ramsey
I love Pepsi
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The Road to Game Day

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