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Business owner / dog groomer Josie Gonzalez and Danny DeVito teach you how to send invoices and accept payments to get paid twice as fast with QuickBooks. To learn more about Shih-Tzu updos, ask Josie. To learn more about QuickBooks’ smarter business tools, visit

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You know what you're doing right now? Impressing the heck out of me. Also giving the Shih Tzu an up-do. Pet care ain't easy. 12 hours, 20 dogs. Where's your belly rub? After a day of chasing dogs, you shouldn't have to chase down payments.

Send invoices and accept payments to get paid twice as fast.

You deserve a treat, and by a treat I mean cash. Bacon-wrapped cash. Josie, it's time to get yours.

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Josie Gonzalex - Doggie Daycare Owner
Invoice 1001
Invoice Paid
Dog Biscuits
Intuit Quickbooks backing you

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