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Sterling Shepard wants to take a selfie, but Gerald McCoy, Jordan Howard, and Giovani Bernard can't decide on the move: is it puppy filters or kitty filters? Find out on our next episode of The Road To Game Day.

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Come on guys, everyone squeeze together. You too, Gerald.
Why are we doing this?
Group selfie, man.
Guys, we should totally do a crazy one.
We should where we're all wearing sunglasses.
Alright, are we smiling, or doing like a tough guy face? You know, evermind, I got it.
I'm gonna do duck lips.
Duck lips? Really? Duck lips?
You didn't even wanna do this a second ago.
I'm into it now. How about one where we're all jumping.
Yeah, those never work.
Wait, can we use the filter where we all look like puppies?
Absolutely not. No. We're not doing that.
Let's use kitty filters.
Okay, guys, let's do this. 3, 2, 1 - good. We got it. Let's go.
It would have been better if we used the puppy filter.

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The Road to Game Day featuring Sterling Shepard, Jordan Howard, Gerald McCoy, Giovani Bernard
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