Audi Test Drive to the Unknown

For two days, unsuspecting Amazon Go shoppers were asked to trade their time for a test drive in the all-new 2019 Audi A6. The surprise? They had absolutely no idea where they were going. This is: Test Drive to the Unknown.

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Sasha Barr is our artist-in-resident. He's going to get you into a little bit of live mural painting.

Welcome to Benaroya Hall.

We have a small, private concert for you guys.
How as your drive?
Awesome, awesome.
We've got one question for you. Would you like to continue the drive to the unknown?
What do you mean?
Would you like to keep going?
To the unknown?
I would have to say yes, I think.
Of course.

Welcome to Beckett & Robb for your made-to-measure suiting. Maybe on the inside.
I like it.
Hello, Pullmans?
Hey, how's it going?
Do you have a valid passport?
Ha ha, absolutely.
Welcome to Ingolstadt. It's so good to have you here.
Thank you.
And this is a key for the A6. Let's enjoy the drive.

Written Text

Audi presents Test Drive to the Unknown
Amazon Go reinvented how we shop.
Now Audi is reinventing how we test drive
The Deal - Give us some of your valuable time, we'll give you more than you ever expected
This is your key - 30 minutes to the unknown
More than 100 drivers got behind the wheel
No one knew where they were headed
30 minute drive - Mural with a Master - Sasha Barr, Artist
30 minute drive - Epic Portraits
30 minute drive - Private Symphony - Andy Liang, Violinist, Seattle Symphony
The more time people gave us, the further they went.
3 hour drive - Secret Tasting Menu - David Nichols - Executive Chef, Rider, Seattle
3 hour drive - Flight School
For one driver willing to drop everything, the experience went international
Audi Headquarters - Ingolstadt, Germany
5 day drive - Modern Munich
5 day drive - Explore the Alps
5 day drive - Discover Bavaria
Spend your time wisely
Test drive to the unknown

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