Kobe vs Messi - Legends on Board - Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines - ''The best airline in Europe'' continues to fly with the best! Our new TV commercial which stars Kobe Bryant and Leo Messi is now live! Enjoy!

A little boy is amazed to see football/soccer superstar Lionel Messi on an airplane. Someone on the plane calls to him just as Messi is about to give an autograph and it's NBA star Kobe Bryant. The boy is then torn between who to give his attention to. The athletes then compete for the boy's attention by doing tricks with footballs and basketballs, and then even building a house of cards and making balloon animals. Just as things are getting serious, a flight attendant offers the boy ice cream and he forgets about both of them.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Key kid.
Kobe Bryant?
Would you like to have some ice cream, young man?
Ice cream?

The best fly with Europe's best airline. Turkish Airlines.

Written Text

The best fly with Europe's best airline.
Turkish Airlines
Globally Yours

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