5 Ways Your New Kia Forte is the Perfect Friend | 2019 Kia Forte

BuzzFeed + Kia present how the perfect friend and your new 2019 Kia Forte compact car are one in the same. From the tech features to get you exactly where you’re going to the safety features that help get you get there safer, you finally have the helping hand you deserve.

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Hey, Candy.
Hi, Candy.
Hey, you got the decorations, right?
Ha ha, yeah.
I've been doing this my whole life.
I'm just gonne use UVO Parking Minder.
And that way.
That way.
That's what I meant.
No, no, Al, I gotta get the trunk.
Kate, I've been opening trunks my whole life.
Just let me.
Did you get all the pumpkins?
Yeah, I got all of the pumpkins.
Oh, those pumpkins.
Navigate to 1515 Garfield.
Guys, we're here.
Are we digging in? Let's dig in.

Written Text

Ways your new Kia Forte is a perfect friend.
BuzzFeed presents
Your Kia Forte is easy to find
Smart ITself, Parking Minder, My POIs, Vehicle Info, Roadside Assist
Your Kia Forte lends a helping hand
Your Kia Forte has your back
Your Kia Forte is a good listener
Learn how you can become friends at

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