Drogba vs. Messi - #EpicFood (full length) - Turkish Airlines

Check out the most epic food in the world according to Drogba and Messi, chosen from thousands of entries to our epic food map. #EpicFood

This ad show football/soccer star, Didier Drogba travelling around the world. No matter which country or which restaurant he stops to eat at, there is a signed picture of Lionel Messi with the chef. He starts going to places like Siberia or the Sahara where he thinks Messi has never been, but he can't get away from him. Finally he just gets a gourmet meal on a Turkish Airlines flight and snaps his own picture with the chef. What he doesn't know is that there is a picture of Messi with the same chef on the outside of the plane.

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Nepal, India, Japan, Siberia, Sahara
Turkish Airlines
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