Maxwell House | Hands that Hustle :30

Maxwell House celebrates hard work by showcasing real hands of hardworking Americans. From gentle hands to far from gentle hands – we're in the hands of hard work.

Maxwell House. Good to the last drop.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

We're in the hands of the people. Hands that aren't afraid of hard work. Brave hands, gentle hands, and far-from-gentle hands. Safe hands, hands that love, and hands that do what they love. We're in the hands of hard work. Maxwell House, good to the last drop.

Written Text

Maxwell House
Good to the last drop
James Weir - Bus Driver
Ben Doyle - Iron Worker
Rachel Sommer - Landscaper
Tyler Wieland - Firefighter
Toby Kosek - Custodian
Tom Boehm - Construction Worker
Gina Herhuth - Nurse
Scott Madzia - Father
Heather Barnes - Sign Language Interpreter
Clyde Lowery - Maxwell Master Roaster

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