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Millions of people live without access to clean water. Thanks to Stella Artois' partnership with, every pour can help give access to clean water to someone who needs it. And that's how you Pour It Forward. Enjoy Stella Artois. Give water. Change lives. Learn more at #PourItForward

Stella Artois will make a donation to for every bottle or pint of Stella Artois and Stella Artois Cidre (330mL equivalent) sold in the U.S. between 1/14/19 and 3/31/19, up to $2,250,000.00. For details, see POUR IT FORWARD® is a trademark of Vinternational Imports, Ltd.

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Matt Damon: What if I told you it is this easy to help change someone's life? Thanks to Stella Artois' partnership with us at, one pour can do exactly that by helping provide access to clean water for someone living without it. Together, we've already helped change millions of lives. By enjoying Stella Artois, we can help so many more. And that's what we call, "pouring it forward". Join us.

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Matt Damon - Co-founder of
Anno 1366
Stella Artois
Pour it forward. Enjoy a Stella Artois. Give water. Change lives.

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