Mtn Dew - Let’s Do

There are those who don’t… and those who do. #DoTheDew.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Eh, you gonna do this or what?
You gotta do it
And keep doing it
Do it big
Hit it

Step it up
Always take the risk
Don't just watch it
Put your phone down and do it

Drip splash like the ice on the wrist
That's a call I can't miss
Set my goals like a goal hit the switch
Work work work
Check it off the checklist
In a position to win
In a position to go
in a position to win

Do it with one hand behind your back
What now?
Do it blindfolded
Do a ? in the deal saying you shouldn't
Section 43c, no rope swing over canyon dunks

Like what's happening
Do what they say you can't
Can you?
Because there are those who don't and those who do
Yes sir
Let's Do

Written Text

Section 43c No ropeswing-over-canyon dunks.
Do The Dew

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