Dior Forever featuring Natalie Portman

Introducing Christian Dior Diorskin Forever Foundation featuring 24-hour wear in two new velvet and luminous finishes: matte and glow. With the new release, Dior has created a Dior Skin Forever film with actress Natalie Portman.

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My skin at its best. Dior Forever. The new 24 hour high perfection skin caring foundation. Seductive, all-day wear. Matte or new skin glow shades that love all skin tones. Skin-loving care at heart. You'll love your skin. Forever Dior.

(Lyrics) Oh, love to love you baby
Do it to me again and again
You put me in such a awful spin, in a spin, in-uh
Oh, love to love you baby
Love to love you baby

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Dior Forever
24H High Skin Perfection
All Day Wear
Matte & Skin Glow Shades
All Skin Tones
Skin-Loving Care
The New 24H Wear High Perfection Skin-Caring Foundation

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