Avocados From Mexico & Canine Companions for Independence

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There's a special kind of friendship. One that lasts a lifetime. One that doesn't know barriers when it comes to helping a friend, and in some ways, sometimes some friends become heroes. Avocados from Mexico is a proud supporter of Canine Companions for Independence. A wonderful organization which unites people with dogs in a powerful program that leads to greater independence and confidence. Today we celebrate the life-changing assistance dogs that make many human lives better. From turning lights on and helping in the kitchen, to making sure their friends always get their healthy avocados. Carman and many dogs like her open up new opportunities and possibilities for their human friends while spreading joy and showing their love during playtime, and during game time.

Avocados from Mexico - always worth it because they're healthy, delicious, and always in season.

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Avocados should not be fed to dogs
Avocados from Mexico
Always Delicioso / Always in Season
Canine Companions for Independence

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