Introducing Acreage New Jersey

We're excited to announce that Acreage is expanding our operations into New Jersey, bringing our national footprint to a total of 12 states in the U.S.

We've signed a letter of intent to enter into a long-term management contract to assist with expansion and operations of Compassionate Care Foundation (CCF), a not-for-profit entity that operates the largest approved medical marijuana growing facility in the state. CCF is one of only six Alternative Treatment Centers that holds licenses from the state to grow and dispense medical marijuana. As part of the Arrangement, Acreage will provide the foundation with requisite financial resources to respond to growing patient demand. "The potential to help people who are facing serious health issues, as well as create revenue opportunities for the state, is truly a ‘win-win’ and we are pleased to have this opportunity to grow our presence there," said Acreage CEO Kevin Murphy.

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(Lyrics) Baby we were born to run
Tramps like us, baby we were born to run

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Acreage Holdings Presents
Our Newest Market
Only 6 State Wide Licenses
9 Million People
$1B In Projected Sales
Coming Fall 2018
State-Of-The-Art 135,000 Sq Ft Greenhouse
We're Growing Big Things In The Garden State
Introducing Acreage New Jersey
Acreage Holdings

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