Burger King | BIG KING XL

Size matters when you’re hungry. Find the satisfaction you crave with 175% more flame-grilled beef* than the Big Mac, no third bun. Introducing the BIG KING XL, only at Burger King.

* Based on pre-cooked patty weight; Big King XL 8.8 oz. v. Big Mac 3.2 oz.

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The Big King XL from Burger King is just like the Big Mac, but it has 175% more flame-grilled beef. That half pound of flamed grilled beef is topped with crisp lettuce, zesty pickles, crunchy onions, and our very own savory sauce. Hmm, maybe it's not just like the Big Mac. Maybe bigger is just better. The new Big King XL, now part of the King's Collection at Burger King.

Written Text

175% more flame-grilled beef
Bigger is just better
The King's Collection
Crafted by Hand, Grilled by Flame
New Big King XL

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