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Action on the chopper. Off you go. Go, go go go.
We're in Instanbul shooting because Turkish Airlines is celebrating 85 years as a company, but at the same time they are also opening a new airport here in Istanbul which is going to be a huge hub for everyone traveling all over the world.
They are opening what would constitute the biggest airport in the world.
With that in mind, we wanted to make something that celebrates, but the airline and this new airport, but also this city of Istanbul, and that's why we landed in making more of a movie than your regular 60 second spot.
What we do is take two unusual travelers who are both representative of high-end travel, and theres an evolution that occurs between them which becomes very interesting.

Do you have eyes on the target?
Is it her?
I can't tell from these photos.
I need better shots.

As an audience, you're chasing that woman with the main character, trying to figure out who she is, and I think that mystery leads in a sense to "Go travel."

Don't lose her this time.
No I actually think I know where we're going.

I decided to go back and click into advertising because I haven't done anything for 15, 18 years. I love the chase and the speed of the job.
We're extremely lucky to have Ridley Scott on this project. Right away he has ideas on how to make this real. His take on it is very cinematic. The way he's finding locations and the way he is finding images on those locations is very unexpected and interesting.
I have never been to Istanbul before, and I think I was completed knocked up by what was the spectacular nature of the harbor which leads you up to the open sea, and the think that is staggeringly amazing awe of all the mosques.
I'm so glad to come to Istanbul. And in the beginning of the first day I thought I won't have any time to visit the city, and now with the locations for this movie, it's like we're going to the most beautiful places.
At the end when she has seen all these places in Istanbul through chasing that person, we end up back in the plane which is basically to say to people, "Go widen your world, widen your scope. Learn new cultures, see new things and enjoy it."
Visit Istanbul, if you have not been, this is what it is like.

Written Text

Turkish Airlines Presents a Ridley Scott Film: The Journey
Fabian Berglund - Executive Creative Director - Anomaly
Ridley Scott - Director
Sylvia Hoeks
Aure Atika, "Brunette"
The Journey coming soon
Turkish Airlines

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