Craig Robinson Likes Dietz Nuts | Dietz & Watson

Dietz Nuts are protein-packed, savory sausage bites. We like to think of them as the world’s first meat nuts. Watch Craig and Chris Robinson enjoy Dietz Nuts!

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Deitz Nuts (Deez Nuts)
What are those?
Deitz? Deitz nuts. Deitz and Watson. Deitz nuts.
Those are nuts?
Deitz nuts aren't nut nuts. Deitz nuts are meat nuts.
Those are meat nuts?
Meat nuts. They're Deitz nuts.
Can I get one of those?
Go ahead. Grab a handful of Deitz nuts. Go ahead, get a good grip in there. Hey, Chris. How Deitz nuts taste? Are they delicious? What a fun snack. Deitz & Watson.
Deitz nuts are meat nuts. Meat nuts.

Written Text

Deitz & Watson Deitz Nuts

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