2020 Kia Telluride Big Game Commercial | Give It Everything

This year, we’re honoring the great unknowns. People who work hard and make incredible things. People who Give It Everything.

We’re beginning in West Point, Georgia. A town that’s come to mean everything to us. Because West Point is where every Telluride is assembled. Also, this year we’ve set aside money for The Great Unknowns Scholarship. A program to help exceptional young people get a well-deserved foothold in higher education. Learn more: Get social with Kia:

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We're not famous. There are no stars in the sidewalk for us. No statues in our honor. We're just a small Georgia town of complete unknowns. The closest thing to a world stage is 81 miles away in Atlanta tonight. Our movie stardom, our football careers - they never took off because we are not known for who we are. We hope to be known for what we do, what we build. This thing we've assembled, it has a chance to be remembered. No, we are not famous, but we are incredible, and we make incredible things.

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73 years in West Point GA Thanks Y'all!!!
Govorns Foods
West Point High School
Believe, Respect, Righteousness, Excellence
Here's to the great unknowns
Give it everything

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