SimpliSafe | "Fear Is Everywhere" Super Bowl Commercial - Extended Version

While it may be everywhere else, fear has no place in a place like home. Learn more at

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Janet saw a creepy gut in the cul-de-sac last night.
What you don't know about your garage door will kill you.
It's official. You can't eat wheat bread.
Someone's been stealing packages.
They call 'em Porch Pirates.
Porch pirates.
My son bought a snake on the dark web.
It's a python.
In five years robots will be able to do your job, your job, your job, your job, your job...
...or gray? Are you listening?
Always, Denise. We are always listening.
In a world full of fear...
Someone has been stealing packages.
SimpliSafe on.
Your home should be anything but. Because home is a place you should simply feel safe.

Written Text

The Post-Telegram
It's Worse Than It Was Yesterday
Coming Up Next: Deadly Doors In Your Home?
Home Security

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