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Join us for an exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of "Crown" with Kelly Rowland and director Hannah Lux Davis #MyHairMyCrown

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Two, three...
And action.

We are here today to film the video for "Crown". It is a anthem created by myself and Dove that talks all about confidence and girls owning their hair and their style.

Having braids is basically part of my culture. It's part of who I am.
I went and cut my hair short to because I wanted to prove that it's okay to have short hair if you're a girl.
Shake your hair around. Shake it! Shake it!

My vision for this music video was to create environments for these girls to be themselves, and I think when you have all those different hair styles and textures and colors represented, it's really great for girls to be like, "Oh, that's me. I can see myself in this."
One more time.
Your hair is part of your identity. It's who you are. It should be authentic and unapologetically you.

Yeah, that was awesome!


I wear my crown
My hair, my, my
My hair, my crown
My hair, my crown
My, my hair, my, my
My hair, my crown

We so fabulous-lous
Look at, look at us, us

Written Text

A10 801 100
Dove x Kelly Rowland
Crown: A Hair Anthem
These girls were bullied because of their hair.
But their stories inspired an anthem
Hannah Lux Davis, Director
Wear it proud
Listen now to the full song "Crown"

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Dove Commercial for 61st Annual Grammy Awards (2019) - Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child | Crown

Dove Commercial for 61st Annual Grammy Awards (2019) - Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child | Crown

This Television Commercial is referred to by Dove Commercial for 61st Annual Gra
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