KFC | Four Kinds | 2 for $3

So . . . maybe the sky isn’t falling. Well, that’s a relief! That means it’s the perfect time to head on down to your nearest KFC® and get 2 Chicken Littles® for 3 bucks! Get your hands on the Colonel’s freshly breaded chicken tenders, served with pickles and mayo on a sesame-seed bun, with four delicious flavors to choose from: Extra Crispy, Smoky Mountain BBQ, Nashville Hot, and Georgia Gold. You heard that right! Two Chicken Littles for $3. Now that’s what you call a bargain! KFC. It’s always finger lickin’ good™!

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Right now, you can get two KFC Chicken Littles for 3 bucks. It doesn't get any better than that. "Frying sound" "Kapushh" "Shooo Shoop" "Shoop" "Kapah!" Actually, with four flavors to choose from, it did get better, and I stand corrected. Get any 2 KFC Chicken Littles for 3 dollars.

Written Text

KFC 2 for $3

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